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This wiki is an informative website about the Ro-scale game, Westerfield County Railway. This wiki is primarily ran by the developers and directors.

About Westerfield County Railway

Westerfield County Railway is a British-based Ro-scale railway simulator on Roblox. The game was founded on 27 October 2019. We are currently in Alpha Version 0.4. Every update can be found in the Updates section of our Wiki.

Most of the information is reliable as it has been written by Developers or Directors but this cannot always be 100% achieved especially with pages relating to things that haven't yet been released and due to Developers and Directors not being available 24/7 to update the wiki when something new happens. Not all pages have images yet due to APC being busy and not having time to upload and take at least 50 pictures (1 for each page) but these will come over time.

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